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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Poor Jeannie...

Jeannie is a ragdoll that used to belong to Mum... it was made for her (when she was grown-up and married) by the mother of a guy that was friends with one of my sisters... and then I inherited her.

She'd been through the wars a bit when I got her, and a friend of Mum's had to make new arms for her as both of hers were gone... and she needed a hair transplant... and she'd also lost her shoes, but I bought new socks and pretty shoes for her.

Now she sits on a chair in the living room by the TV. But every so often we come through and poor Jeannie has been interfered with! This time she was brutally knocked off her chair and her hat sent flying.

We do have a suspect... one ginger and white cat who answers (when he feels like it) to the name of Gizmo...

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