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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keeping Things In Perspective...

Here are 2 of the semi-feral cats that live on my sister's farm, christened by my brother as "Peedie Ginge" and "Peedie Peedie Ginge"...

Their father is a ginger tom that has visited a few of the farms in the area, and I think has possibly been persuaded on his way with the aid of a rifle a few times, so I suspect that there might be one or two of his nine lives missing... and my brother has christened him... can you guess....?

Big Ginge, of course!

As you can see, I didn't quite manage to get the perspective right in this photo, as Peedie Peedie was further forward than Peedie, so looks about the same size... In reality, he(?)'s about half the size of his / her half brother / sister (it's not easy to discover the sex of a feral... unless they're pregnant! However, I have helpfully labelled them so you can tell the difference).

In the time my sister & brother-in-law have been away on holiday, and my brother has been out looking after their elderly dog, those cats have been living a life of luxury... going from a diet of cat food, bread and munchies to having cooked chicken and mussels! Is it any wonder they're not that motivated to catch the rats that they are meant to!?

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