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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Gizmo Comes Visiting With Us

As is our usual Sunday routine, this afternoon, we wandered around the corner to my brother's house to go for a run...

But this time we had company... Gizmo decided he didn't want to be left at home... he wanted to come visiting his uncle David... so he followed us all the way down our road, and along the front, past the oil tanks and in through the gate to David's.

First he spotted the hole that had been cut into the bottom of the door through to the yard for my auntie's cat (both auntie and cat now deceased), and he disappeared through it, pausing to peep back out at us just to check where we were...

before reluctantly coming back to us...

We rang the doorbell, David answered, and in wandered Gizmo, cool as you like... making a beeline for up the stairs!

After a wee while, we went out to the yard to feed the gulls, and you can see Gizmo exploring and meeting the birds here.

After his visit, we walked back round the corner and he followed us all the way home like a peedie dog. Gave him some cat food and, while he was distracted, we legged it back to David's so we could go for a run... although I'm sure Gizmo would have happily got in the car with us and come too!

Dozy mog!

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Home exchange said...

Aw what a cute kitty!! Sweet photos. :)